It has an enviable position on a hill 300 m above sea level, on top of limestone and calcarenite sedimentary rocks, with limited soil, this guarantees a natural production base of high quality grapes with an elevated acidity and remarkable salinity.

Thanks to its location, the strong temperature swings created by the difference between the day and night thermals favour the formation of aromatic precursors in the grape.
The natural ventilation, the breezes that blow up from the lake to the hills, guarantees the health of the grapes.
of the extended aging in large oak casks that enables the natural micro oxygenation of the wood and ensures the achievement of an optimal maturing of the wine.
These fantastic wines express with elegance and equilibrium both the varietal fragrances like cherries, prunes or pepper, and the tertiary aromas like vanilla, spices, walnuts and almonds.