For the first time in Italy, a National Association was born that groups together all congenital heart patients and their families with the goal of making them active protagonists in the choices regarding their health and their lives.

The Associazione Italiana dei Cardiopatici Congeniti Adults ONLUS (AICCA) was born from the patients’ desire to create a multi-level network of help with the support of doctors, surgeons and psychologists specialized in the treatment of congenital heart disease. There are as many as 100,000 adult congenital heart patients in Italy, but their condition is very little known to the public.

AICCA is an association, created thanks to the unconditional support of IRCCS Policlinico San Donato, which is run by young adults born with congenital heart disease: their role is to be protagonists and actors in aid projects aimed at other patients in their same condition.

In fact, it is the congenital heart patients themselves who, for the first time in Italy, putting themselves on the line, with their experiences and experiences, collaborate in the first person with medical health personnel, psychologists, etc., to find effective solutions together and launch new challenges to scientific research in order to improve their lives and those of children-adolescents and their families.

AICCA, among its many activities, promotes a healthy eating education program designed specifically for people with congenital heart disease.

It is precisely from the area of nutrition that the collaboration with Eleva Winery was born. The goal is correct information about “good and healthy drinking.”

AICCA wants to become a point of reference not only for those who have already had the problems but also and especially for those who unfortunately will have similar problems, giving them the knowledge that a serene life full of satisfaction is possible!

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