The NGO Association Sport in Progress Orizzonti Sportivi began operating in 2006 in Cameroon with a sports project for the benefit of African children in the Diocese of Kumbo (Northwest Province).The Association works for school projects that come to develop in underprivileged countries and for projects in favor of children’s health.
Since 2006, the Association has built 6 multipurpose sports facilities in Cameroon for basketball, volleyball, and handball.
It has trained local instructors who in each of the created sports facilities take care of teenagers full time.
Helped establish sports clubs regularly registered with the respective Cameroonian sports federations.
It has established school scholarships dedicated to the spirit and values of sports.
It has created a Soccer School and an Athletics Group.
It has provided materials for daily sports practice such as T-shirts, shoes, tracksuits, balls, backpacks, etc.
Through integrated educational paths that are propelled by the different sports disciplines, it offers young people an important and new resource to rely on and to try their hand at.
A hope for self-determination, self-affirmation, and a new mindset through school and sports.
One more chance through play and regular engagement to get off the streets and regain perspective and hope.
The enormous success of the initiative has resulted in more than 5,000 adolescents regularly attending the facilities in the morning (physical education) and afternoon (after-school, oratory and sports club training) school hours.It is precisely the possibility of reaching so many youngsters that has prompted Orizzonti Sportivi ONLUS to start health projects.
Questionnaires assessing their knowledge about health education of widespread diseases such as AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis are regularly distributed to children, and information campaigns are then undertaken on the preventable transmissibility of these diseases.